10 Ways To Treat Dry Skin

I am one of those people that prefer’s winter over summer and fall over spring, the layering, the holiday spiced lattes, chunky knits and over the knee boots. The one thing I can’t help but dread is my constant dry skin during those chilly months. It is irritating and always a battle finding the right balance between products and techniques to get things back to normal. Thankfully the internet is filled with great blogs and hacks that we can all try and figure out the best for our skin.

I have combined my top ten tips and hacks that I have personally found to be benefiting and have saved me throwing in the towel with this dry skin!

1.Eat those good Fat’s

-Remember the saying ” you are what you eat?” well this also factors in with skin care. those good fatty foods help retain moisture. My favorites are avocado and olive oil. I would also recommend getting on a good Omega-3 supplement if you don’t get enough in your diet.

 2. Take advantage of steam!

-I like to sleep with a humidifier for many reasons but especially when my face is dry and needs love.  This gives your skin and moisturizer that extra boost your face needs. Even steaming up the shower before washing will give your skin that extra boost, Just be careful not to shower in super hot water because heat does tend to cause more dryness.

3. Apply Moisturizer on wet skin

This one is simple but really makes a huge difference. Even with my face, I tend not to completely dry off before adding my moisturizer. This helps keep additional water moisture on the skin as well as lotion or oils. It’s best to apply everything while the skin is damp so don’t wait too long in between steps of product application!

4. Apply Serum before your sheet mask

Being that serum’s absorb more efficiently than your traditional moisturizer, Applying it to damp skin right before your favorite mask helps boost not only the mask but the serum itself. Resulting in a deeper hydration and longer lasting results.

5. Exfoliate that dry skin

You have to work hard to get rid of that flaky skin and exfoliation will get you where you need to be. The last thing you want is a build up of dead skin cells, it will only interfere with your skin absorbing any moisture. I make sure to gently exfoliate two to three times a week for the best results and no irritation.


6. Drink Water, Lots of It

Don’t forget to drink at least the recommended 8 glasses of water a day!

7.  Apply aloe vera to itchy dry patches

This is one of my favorite plants to have, it’s pretty, easy to care for and has so many skin care benefits! Cutting a piece off and squeezing the aloe vera gel on any dry patch creates instant relief

8. Avoid harsh acne treatments

Dry skin can be very temperamental and sensitive. Durning the winter I would recommend steering clear of those harsh acne medicated topical treatments as this can create more dryness. Instead, use products that help cleanse the skin and help with dryness I highly recommend Belif Skincare I have been using their witch hazel herbal extract toner, true cream moisturizing bomb and cleansing herb water and I love how gentle and moisturizing these products are! You can find the direct links to each product under my favorite products page!

9. Use A Facial Mist

A good hydrating mist will make a world of a difference for those times throughout the day you need a refreshing spurt of moisture. This is one of my favorite items to carry around in my bag especially during the colder months!


10. Use an overnight hydrating serum or mask

Beauty sleep is a real thing! Our skin works hard while we sleep to regenerate itself and rid itself of dead skin cells. It can benefit you if you add a few drops of your favorite serum to a good hydrogel mask before calling it a night!



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