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The Importance of Choosing The Table

Amongst our daily routines, work, school, and practices we often don’t take the time to cook, eat, and enjoy the people around us. It is easy to get lost amongst other things than to focus on those who matter most to us, and what better way to enjoy them than with food!

I had so many great memories growing up, looking forward to chatting with my parents and sisters over dinner after a long day at school. It was almost a sense of reconnecting with all of them from prepping the meal, setting the table, to eating our meal together and talking and laughing about anything important to us that day.

Once I had a family of my own, I knew I wanted to make it a point to remember the importance of sharing a meal together around a table not only with a delicious food spread but with love, curiosity, and interest for what’s going on in my husband and kids lives. These moments are ones we should cherish, it won’t be forever that my kids will be under the same roof as me and my husband. I want to create a sense of tradition that they will carry on into their own homes and families.

I want to share with you the amazing things they are doing over at Dietz & Watson for their #ChooseTheTable campaign! They are helping to spread the word on how important it is to share the #ChooseTheTable experience with those you love! I am encouraging all of you to visit Dietz & Watson and enter for your chance to win the ultimate dining experience with Chef Cullen Campbell over at CrudoAZ  Four randomly selected winners and their guests will experience the exclusively curated dinner! Good Luck!

Memorial Day My Way

I’m sharing Secret in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

Most people see Memorial day as a ticket to get away for the weekend, for me, it’s an opportunity to enjoy that Arizona breeze before the heat really hits us! I was never one to go all out in the red white and blue. I like to keep my memorial day style light and true to me.

Sticking to the Memorial day theme in my own unique way by bringing in stars and stripes and rocking my white denim! I wanted to make sure my outfit choices for Memorial day weekend wouldn’t be ruined by those unfortunate pit stains so I was sure to bring along my Secret Clinical Strength. I need something that will provide me superior sweat and odor protection no matter what my day throws at me! My days usually consist of running around and loading and unloading my kids and all the things that come along with that. I can take all the help I can get in protecting my clothes from those awful sweat breakthroughs!

Usually, on Memorial Weekend we enjoy our local restaurants, picnic poolside with the family, and enjoy some of those amazing sales! At this point, I am still pretty pale from winter so I will stick to my white frayed jeans this holiday weekend.

I am a big fan of the “duster” trend and have found this material to be the best for the warmer months because it’s so light! I also loved the two contrasting blues with this subtle star print top! I prefer to wear a cross body bag when I’m out and about because it free’s up my hands and I can move my arms freely if I have to. I don’t think I’ve owned a white pair of jeans I didn’t love and these are no exception. I usually opt for comfort when I am out with my family.

Let’s be honest we can’t totally prepare ourselves for the heat May can bring. You would rarely ever catch me in flip flops or shorts, Let’s say I’m more of a fall and winter gal.  I didn’t really know what to expect from the summers here in Arizona, growing up in California I would escape the heat by making a trip to the beach. My husband and I laugh when people back home tell us how bad our summers must be in Arizona when honestly I would choose this 100-degree weather over humidity any day!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a fan of silk and lace in summer, This mix has become one of my favorites! With Secret’s Clinical Strength I have the freedom to wear whatever color or fabrics I want without having to worry about that stress sweat! Secret’s Clinical Strength collection gives me the 2x sweat protection vs an ordinary antiperspirant I need to put those fashion sacrifices in the past.

I hope I have inspired some of you to create your own unique look this Memorial Day weekend! Stay Fresh and Don’t forget to check out Secrets Clinical Strength and all the amazing things they are creating for babes like us!


10 Things I Didn’t Know Before Motherhood

Sometimes motherhood hits you out of left field and we don’t exactly know how this new journey will change us. Here is a short list of 10 things I didn’t know about until after I had kids.

  1. I would no longer be grossed out by poop
  2. I had no idea I could live off little sleep and still function
  3. Showers are literally my best friend- I can’t express how much I look forward to those 10-15 minutes to myself
  4. I actually expected to get less sleep from how other parents used to make it seem, It’s not as bad!
  5. Relationship goals are when you get the kids to sleep and can still hang for a couple more hours
  6. I would sacrifice literally anything for my kids, without a question.
  7. I didn’t know I would end up shopping more for my kids than for myself
  8. You miss them when they sleep
  9. You never really get out of “mom mode”
  10. Patience isn’t a virtue its a way of life

Being a parent has its challenges but the rewards are so worth it! I’ve also learned not to take things to serious, you have to laugh at yourself and certain situations at times, nobody is perfect! Nothing would be the same without these little beings, and they continue to teach us each day to become better parents!

5 things to add to your kitchen

If you’re like me and spend a majority of your time in the kitchen, then you will understand why it’s so important the kitchen is as welcoming as any other room in the house.

I have seen so many dream kitchens on Pinterest to know what I am lacking in my kitchen. Given that this house a rental we are very limited on how “personalized” our home is to our taste. So it’s been a task of mine to create a space that is as personalized and welcoming as possible.

Here are some things I have added to my kitchen to up the vibe of our humble abode.

1.A Good Rug

This goes a long way, I have seen a dramatic change in the “feel” of my kitchen simply because we added this gorgeous rug runner from Plush Rugs. This exact style is the gorgeous Safavieh Kenya I fell in love with the neutral tones and geometric pattern and how in its own way it stood out. This is a great way to not only bring style to your kitchen but give it more of a comfortable feeling!

2. Alternative Storage

Nothing is better the creating more space in a kitchen with limited cabinet space. I found it visually appealing once our pot rack went up it created a “lived in” feel I wanted for my kitchen without giving me that cluttered feeling.

3. Add Greenery

Wreaths are not only for your front door anymore. Any type of greenery is sure to bring life into your home and create a welcoming space!


Shelves are great, they can be used for anything! I added a shelf to keep my knick knacks in my kitchen and help clear up my counter space. This has been a great way to add some flare to my kitchens style! Shelves are also a great alternative storage option for kitchen wares!

5. Minimalize

Sometimes you “add” to your kitchen by taking away unwanted clutter! I store my toaster, Keurig, crockpot etc in my cupboards or pantry to maximize my counter space and leave my kitchen feeling clutter free and clean.




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