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Things To Bring For A Successful Day Poolside With The Family

Thanks to Rack Room Shoes for sponsoring this post! Please know all opinions are my own and I only share with you what I truly believe in and love! #IAmRackRoom

A lot goes into planning a day out by the pool with your family. I have compiled my top picks for a successful pool day!

We often tend to over pack items we most likely won’t use or forget to pack something practical for a pool day like water friendly items. I was inspired to put together a list of poolside essentials after a day with my family at the local pool. I was surprised how smooth it went on such a hot day, with both kids!

We usually tend to have our hands full with floaties, snacks bags, diaper bag, towels etc. it was a nice change only having to carry our tote and cooler! We arrived just before lunch time, The kids already in their swimsuits and their really comfortable, easy to wear Nike Slides. We actually all wore our Nike Slides to our day by the pool. They were practical and much more comfortable than traditional flip flops. Be sure to take advantage of Rack Room Shoes current sale, $10 off a $65 purchase now through July 4th! Click here for coupon!

Infant Nike Sandals, Women’s White Nike Slides, Mens Black Nike Slides, Kids Blue Palm Slides

Our go-to shoe destination for Nike Slides is Rack Room Shoes, They have a wide range of styles for athleisure shoes, which makes it hard to choose from but totally worth the trip! Nike Slides for the family is the perfect on trend footwear choice for a wide range of summer activities besides the pool!

Luckily our local pool offers dressing rooms on site, I was able to change and take a quick dip before lunch time! It felt so nice to sit there wet, cool in the heat and eat my lunch with my family poolside. I can’t stress this enough, bring food, pack your cooler with ice or ice packs and pack a good lunch, it will keep everyone happy I promise you!

I have compiled a list of 10 things I wouldn’t go to the pool without and I hope you find them as helpful as I did!

10 Things To Bring Poolside

  1. Lunch and/or snacks, If its hot out I recommend taking something refreshing like chicken salad, fruits, and anything that is just fresh!
  2. Chilled Refreshments ie. Waters, lemonade etc.
  3. Cooler packed with ice packs or ice to keep everything chilled and fresh!
  4. Sunscreen, for both kids and adults
  5. Extra clothes to change into after so you don’t get into the car wet.
  6. Nike Slides for the family!
  7. Water diapers
  8. Hats for the babies and kids
  9. A big enough tote to carry all your loose items
  10. Towels

Spending half the day poolside is not something that happens often, although I wish it was! We are lucky enough to have a shallow kiddie pool to lounge in and not worry as much. Here in Arizona, the heat is in the hundred and with that, the floor gets so hot! It was nice to be able to leave our Nike Slides nearby and not having to worry about damaging them with all the water.

Don’t forget to shop Rack Room Shoes $10 off a $65 purchase! Coupon available here good until July 4th!

I really hope you find these tips as helpful as my family did! I would love to hear from all of you on anything I can add to my list! The most important thing about a day poolside with your family is everyone’s safety and all the fun you have and the memories you make while you are all together! Let’s not forget that!

Its safe to say the Garcia’s are slidin’ into summer our favorite Nike Slides, Thanks Rack Room Shoes!


My Top 5 Summer Must Haves

I’m sharing Secret in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

Nothing is quite like summer, the beaming sun, tan lines, pool days and we can’t forget the endless craving for iced coffee. With these crazy high temps, I’m talking highs of 120 Degrees here in Arizona, Being outdoors is a big task! I don’t leave the house without loads of sunscreen or my go-to, Secret’s Clinical Strength, I need that extra protection to keep myself and my favorite summer outfit protected.

On the rare days, my husband is off of work we like to explore downtown Pheonix. It was around 107 degrees out but we managed to hit up a local artsy taco shop, cafe, and some record shops!

I was so happy I managed to prevent having any dreadful sweat breakthroughs in my new summer dress! Secret’s Clinical Strength collection gives me 2x the sweat protection vs. an ordinary antiperspirant, so I can put those fashion sacrifices in the past. With such a perk this has quickly become my go to product for my daily routine, I won’t leave the house without it!

I have been loving this embroidery trend and these sheer sleeves are such nice touch for those days you aren’t feeling the sleeveless look. I found this dress on clearance for $14.99 at Tj Max! I couldn’t contain my excitement because I have seen similar dresses for double that price right now. Lately, I have been wearing mules instead of sandals, a great way to feel stylish without losing my sense of comfort. These velvet crushed beauties are from J. Adams for only $30!

My top 5  summer must haves:

  1. Embroidered Florals
  2. A good hydrating sheet mask
  3. Secret’s Clinical Strength Deodorant, not only does it protect me but it protects my clothes!
  4. Mules or Slides, my new version of the sandal this summer
  5. Crushed Velvet….anything!


As summer sets in more and more each day here in AZ, I have put away my sweaters and I’m embracing lighter fabrics and colors. I have found that color isn’t my enemy at all. It’s just how you wear it, which fabrics look best on you and how you feel in them! With Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant, You’ll never have to worry about not being able to wear certain fabrics or colors again. Protect yourself and your clothes from those not so fun pit stains this summer with Secret’s Clinical Strength Deodorant!



Laundry For The Modern Mom

Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this post! Please know all opinions are my own and I only share with you what I truly believe in and love!


With our kids and ourselves ever evolving, our needs begin to change. This applies to pretty much everything in life – from technology to family dynamics and daily household tasks. For example, I have found myself always doing that “laundry shuffle” when I think I am caught up, I get slapped back into reality and realize laundry is always there!

Now that my kids are getting older and more active in sports or activities I do find myself overwhelmed with needing to wash the uniforms before the next practice or whatever the case may be. It doesn’t stop with the kids, My husband is always needing certain work items washed before work the very next day. I do what any other wife would do, I try and keep calm and toss those bad boys in the washer sometimes alone on the rare occasion everything else is washed.

I can only day dream of that day I have my “dream” laundry room that meets all our needs as a modern family. That doesn’t just have certain days for laundry, It’s all the time! Spur of the moment things happen around here often, and usually, we need things washed ASAP to avoid stains or meltdowns. That’s where Samsungs newest FlexWash + FlexDry would come in handy for this modern Mom! The freedom to wash those items in moments where you can’t just toss them with the other loads. You now have the freedom to separate the icky dirty or bulky laundry from those delicate important pieces. I am often handling more than one thing at a time, working from home, being a stay at home mom, cleaning etc. I love the fact you can monitor your loads right from your smartphone! You have no idea how many times I forget about a load and it sits overnight, leaving me with no other option but to rewash. Getting an alert when my washer load is done is like another pair of helping hands!

There have been many moments where Eli will spit up or make a mess of his favorite blanket, and throwing it in the wash and in the dryer before his next nap has to happen to avoid a catastrophic meltdown at naptime. What’s great about the FlexWash + FlexDry duo is that there are two washers in one and two dryers in one! To be able to wash those important items that require different treatment (hot and cold, darks and lights, small loads, big loads), the FlexWash has a huge 5.0 cu ft capacity lower washer and a 1.0 cu ft capacity washer on top. Similarly, drying clothes is a breeze with the FlexDry, with an innovative drying zone up top which is made to handle those delicate items such as athletic wear, or my husband’s favorite tee shirts that can be laid flat to dry. It’s also great for those items that just need a quick steam or to be freshened up! You can check out how amazing this pair is here and here!

I’m sure my husband would personally thank Samsung for such a clever and innovative creation, After all, I hardly have the time to sort our laundry loads for our traditional washer and dryer. His tee shirts have been a victim of the harsh washing and drying, the days of jeopardizing our favorite pieces of clothing would be in the past!

10 ways I would use Samsung’s FlexWash + FlexDry Duo

  1. To wash my favorite sports gear
  2. Washing my babies delicate wool items and blankies
  3. My Husbands favorite tees
  4. My delicate blouses
  5. My son’s soccer jerseys
  6. Eli’s favorite stuffed bear
  7. My husbands last minute work uniforms
  8. Anything Eli “Blows out in”
  9. My table linens
  10. My bras and fancy lace pieces

You can see them in action below and how others are using Samsung’s revolutionary FlexWash + FlexDry Duo

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