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Our Summer Family Getaway

As summer break was coming to an end we decided to take a little four-day trip to California for my birthday last month it was so fun! We stopped in San Diego for a couple days than spent the remander of the trip hanging out in Palm Springs.

Our Ride

For this trip we had the chance to review the 2017 Mazda CX-5! It was goreous inside and out! It was a nice change to drive around in such a luxurious vehicle that offered great cargo space and was a comfortable ride for the whole family.

I was most impressed with all the saftey feature this SUV had to offer, I’ll name a few:

  • Windshield projection- which shows current speed, and traffic sign recognition
  •   Mazda connect- 7-inch touchscreen with full color display
  • Lane depature warning system
  • Smart City break support
  • Mazda radar cruz control- With roadtrips, this is AMZAZING!

We really loved the sleek look this car had and how smooth the drive was! It was really easy to drive around San Diego and Plam Springs, with how hot it was this car did great keeping us cool! The Bose sound system was awesome, music and GPS sounded so clear! If your looking fo functional, sleek, luxury and saftey, this is a great option for you! This was the perfect mid size SUV and I would take it on any trip anytime!

Day 1

Our first day in town we spent visiting our families who live in North County San Diego. It was great enjoying food and music with our friends and family! Like a classic California summer day, it was hot and humid, very little breeze. We couldn’t complain though becuase the food and catching up made up for all of it!

I was so excited to see my little niece Veyda! Not living near my husbands side of the family is tough, but luckily CA is only a 4-5hr drive away from us. Side note: Seriously how awesome are my Mother in laws plants and wicker rocking chairs!

Day 2

Since we were staying near downtown SD we decided to explore Old town San Diego for the day. Being that my husband and I grew up in Southern California, the area wasn’t new to us, but it never get less exciting. Its infused with so much culture, history and good food!

Of course, we had to take a tour of the famous haunted Whaley House! Jude was pretty bummed when he didn’t see any ghost although I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be prepared for that kind of experiance yet ha!

We took alot of photos of our self guided tour through the house, It was pretty neat and looked pretty creepy too! I’ve share a few of our favorites!


Day 3

The drive to San Diego to Palm Springs isn’t to bad, we left in the morning after having breakfast and stopping by Escondido to say good bye to my In laws. We made it to Palm Springs just in time for lunch and checked into our hotel, V Palm Springs. (Room tour below)

Once we settled into our room we headed straight for the pool! It was nice, since it was a monday we practically had the whole place to our selves. This hotel doesn’t mess around, the pool vibes were definitely on point with the music and pool floaties.

I will admit thier Elixir restraunt/bar was my favorite part. Who doesn’t like to enjoy a nice cocktail poolside right? Thier menu is great too, offering a good selection of snacks like tacos, to enjoy near the pool.

Thier pool was fantastic, and the staff was really friendly and helpful! I really appreciated the laid back feel I got from this Hotel!

Hotel Tour

Our room faced the pool and had its own private patio area which was nice! The kids loved play out there and with it being a secluded patio I was all for it!

I really loved the V Palm Springs asthetic, and style! The beds and pillows were comfortable which made us happy. The bathroom and sink area were so pretty, I loved how on trend they were with the fixtures and little details like the bathroom tiles!

Over all this trip was a one for the books! We enjoyed spending time with our loved ones and having spent those relaxing pool days in Palm Springs!

Rested Mom = Happy Home

I think we have all heard the saying “Happy wife, Happy life” this saying resonates with me more now in motherhood than ever!

There are many different challenges in motherhood and they all vary for many families but I think we as parents can agree on one thing, getting a good nights rest is more important than anything! These sleepless nights often aren’t necessarily nights with absolutely no sleep, but more like being so tired I fall asleep any second I get but my kid wakes me up every 2 hours! It’s so much more challenging with two, there is no such thing as sleeping in, sleeping when the baby sleeps or sleeping when YOU want. It’s true when I get a good nights sleep I am a better, more patient Mom!

Knowing the importance of a good night sleep is one thing but making sure your actually comfortable and resting when you’re able to sleep is a whole other story. We decided to try Tomorrow Sleep Mattress, a hybrid mattress that offers high-density memory foam, a breathable, supportive coil system in the perfect balance of cool comfort and support for real, restorative sleep.

What I liked about this mattress is that its different than the other boxed, home delivery mattresses. It’s a real mattress that offers two types Medium-Soft or Medium Firm. They are also backed by Serta Simmons bedding, offer free delivery and 100 nights guarantee are also huge perks with this kind of purchase! See below for a $100 off code!

We are still co-sleeping with our youngest and sharing this mattress is a dream! With independent coils, which offers the best motion isolation, we can easily get on and off the bed without waking the baby up. I’ll tell you one thing, I have noticed in the couple weeks of sleeping on this mattress, I get that deeper sleep. Waking up less groggy and rested has made a huge difference on how I start my day and how productive I am throughout the day.

How we sleep is just as important as how much we sleep. I have always struggled to get a good nights sleep, as I’m usually the last one to lay down, and nursing my little one. As you can imagine lack of sleep can really dampen your mood when you wake up in the morning, being ill-prepared to go about my morning routine without a couple strong cups of coffee. With Tomorrow Sleep System I look forward to each night as much as I do each morning waking up rested!

Tomorrow Sleep revolutionizes how we sleep, not only with the best mattress but with their sleep tracker technology and sleep routine accessories! The Tomorrow Sleep pillows are just as good as the mattress! In a couple weeks I will be sharing how their Sleep Tracking technology works and how it has improved our sleep routine!

For $100 off your purchase on your own, Tomorrow Sleep Mattress use code ‘NEON100’ Offer expires 12/31/17



How I Hydrate My Seasonal Dry Skin

I’m sharing #Curél in my life as part of a Curél sponsored series for Socialstars™

With summer coming to an end, I have to change up my skincare routine and prepare for that chilly weather. I love Fall, but unfortunately, with the season changing so does my skin. Every year I get these dry patches on my arms, hands, and legs. The average skin moisturizers often don’t last long enough for me to notice any relief or just offer temporary moisture.

I decided to do some research on this subject of dry skin and the best way to help keep my skin radiant and hydrated. I loved the new concept of applying a moisturizer to wet skin, I decided to give Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer a try!

My usual bathing routine consists of a deep hair conditioner and that got me thinking about my skin and what I could do to boost my skin moisture with long lasting results. I was really excited to try this and the wet skin moisturize! After your shower, your pores are open creating an easy pathway for moisture to be absorbed into just-showered skin. The  Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer aids the surface of your skin with Advanced Ceramide Complex, to penetrate the surface of your skin bringing moisture to the source of dryness. It’s super easy to apply, once you’ve finished your shower all you have to do is apply it to your wet skin then pat dry.

I had no idea ceramides, which are naturally present in healthy skin, are a building block to maintaining your skin’s moisture barrier. When these ceramides are lost our skin can become dry and damaged. Knowing what my skin needs really helps battle my dry skin problems, I can feel more confident I’m giving my skin what it needs.

The weather isn’t my only obstacle with dry skin, I am constantly using my hands and with that, I wash them constantly through out my day. I like keeping a bottle of Curél®Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer near my kitchen sink since 89% of the time I am either washing my hands or the dishes. I try and keep my hands from drying out further with the excessive washing. I love how Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer doesn’t leave your skin greasy and has my skin feeling 3x more hydrated instantly!

I’ve always admired my babies soft skin, and now that I’ve incorporated Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer my skin is absorbing more moisture my skin is undoubtedly softer just after a couple uses! I can’t wait to share my results after a couple weeks of use. If you’re into having radiant, moisturized skin I really recommend making the leap and adding this to your shower routine!




Styling A Round Jute Rug

Are you constantly rearranging furniture or decor to find that perfect set up? I always find myself moving things around, some things are beautiful in many different spaces. Take this round jute rug from Serena & Lily, for example, I found so many spaces it looked so perfect in which inspired me to write this post!

Sitting Pretty On Your Bed Side

I love this little spot in my bedroom, it’s where we unwind, read a book, write this post, so when I received this rug its the first place I pictured it laying in. We have it layered on top of our long wool rug which gave it that cozy Scandinavian feel I really love. This sweetly shaped Jute rug is the softest Jute rug we own, so it’s a great option in any space especially the bedroom!

Under A Dining Table

I always loved the look of the round rugs under those cute round tables, so naturally, I had to try it! I find Jute to be a great fiber to use in areas like the kitchen and dining room very practical. They are easy to clean and don’t show stains or crumbs as easy as other materials do. The adorable round shape and pattern complimented my dining space and added some texture which I love to incorporate in any space in my home. Be sure to order the right size for your dining table to get that perfect look!

Plant Nook

Even my plants have their own space in my home, so it’s important to for me to keep them and their space looking pretty! I love layering Jute, there are so many variations so the possibilities are endless! This style is beautifully versatile and can weave into many homes and styles, here it brings out that bohemian jungle low style I adore! Plants and Rugs compliment each other Especially Jute becuase nothing compliments natrual fibers like a touch of natrual greenery.


I love the sweet Scandinavian vibes this round Jute rug from Serena & Lily gives off. It’s soft enough for any baby to play on comfortable all while adding a sweet stylish touch to your little babe’s abode.

Entry Way

This round jute rug is a great option for those high traffic areas in your home, and if you are working with a small area like mine the round shape is going to open up your space and make it more welcoming by 100%. With such great quality its sure to last you a long time!

Love this Jute Rug as much as I do? Get yours for 15% off with code ‘RUGLOVE-NEON’ valid for one week only!

5 Minute Look With Too Faced Just Peachy

Thanks to Sephora Inside JCPenney for sponsoring this post! Please know all opinions are my own and I only share with you what I truly believe in and love! #SephoraInJCP #SoWorthIt

Psst… Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for your own gift box of Too Faced Goodies! Deets at the end of this post!

We all love doing makeup, some more than others, as for me I wear it pretty much every day. I love a natural look, something fresh and subtle with a hint of glam. Some days I only have about 10 minutes max to put on all my make up, so I’d like to think I have mastered looking as human as possible very quickly.  I am an avid Sephora Shopper, it’s my one stop shop for pretty much everything! Here at my Sephora is inside JCPenney, I love the selection and how easy it is to shop the latest fashion and beauty trends all in one place!

Sephora inside JCPenney and Sephora carry this gorgeous new and exclusive Too Faced “Just Peachy Matte Eye Shadow Palette” This palette is gorgeous! Features velvety and easily blendable matte shades infused with peach and sweet fig cream. I love the fact that Too Faced takes it a step further by packing vitamins and antioxidants in their eyeshadows. With a wide range of beautiful peachy colors to the darker browns, this palette offers a variety of looks and it’s really simple to create a day and night look!

I completed this look with Too Faced Just Peachy Eye Shadow Palette, Better Than Sex Mascara and Shadow Insurance Eye Primer. This look only took 5 minutes! I normally don’t have much time to sit and do my make up, and I’m usually doing it one handed with baby in tow. This look totally reflects me as a woman, Simple yet there’s that touch of brilliance created with the peachy creams.

I started off by highlighting the brow bone with Peach Meringue.
Than I applied Peach Tea to define my crease

I applied Peach Butter on the inner lid area

I then defined my outer lid with Peach Cobbler and blended it with Peaches and Cream

I brushed a bit Peach Tea below my lower lashes

I finished off by applying Just Peachy on my cheek bones for a little blush

This look can easily be deeper in color all you have to do is layer the shadows for a more vibrant outcome!

Be sure to visit your local Sephora inside JCPenney and Sephora for this amazing exlusive Just Peachy Mattes Palette, you can also shop the rest of Too Faced Peaches & Cream collection!

Too Faced Just Peachy Giveaway

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