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Motherhood Is What Moves Me

Thanks to Lee and JCPenney for sponsoring this post! Please know all opinions are my own and I only share with you what I truly believe in and love!

With everything going on in the world, it’s motherhood that moves me and inspires me to do what I do best! My everyday life is often full of school drop offs and pick up, feeding my family, Homework duty, My son Jude’s sports and activities as well as keeping up with my creative projects. I have always been the type of person to keep her hands full, I like staying busy and productive.

Most of what I do is based from home, because of that my day to day looks usually include either work out clothes or jeans and an oversized tee. If I do go out I dress as stylish as possible since it’s rare I can actually wear my cute clothes since I am almost always around the house. I was so excited to try Dream Jean by Lee Jeans available at JCPenney as they are the softest pair of jeans I own!

Usually, I have to change before laying down and putting my little one down for a nap since I don’t like to lay down in my stiffer jeans so I am always looking for pieces that can move with me and my lifestyle.  JCPenney is a one-stop shopping destination offering a variety of stylish and affordable styles by Lee.

The Lee Dream Harmony Skinny Legging is the perfect mix of comfort and style. It has a knit lining that leaves me feeling comfortable all day long no matter what day brings. From running errands to getting my son down for a nap, I can wear these any time of the day without changing. #MoveYourLee

What I really love about these is how they flatter my shape and they can be effortlessly styled for many different occasions. Lee offers a variety of high-quality, stylish pieces for mothers and woman at great value at JCPenney. Shop Lee Jeans and get the Dream Harmony skinny leggings for $48.00 Its always a good idea to shop affordable, stylish flattering looks at JCPenney that won’t break the bank! #SoWorthIt

Be sure to shop your local JCPenney and for all the latest Lee Jeans with styles that are flattering and stylish, priced to buy and guaranteed to love.

Staying Organized While Hosting Dinner Parties

Thanks to Calphalon for sponsoring this post! Please know all opinions are my own and I only share with you what I truly believe in and love!

Now that it’s October I’ve started to think about all the dinner parties and holiday gatherings we will be planning. These can be exciting times and also very stressful!

While my list of recipes is long, what’s longer is the list of how to keep my kitchen organized during all of this. I find it easier to cook up my best recipes in a clean and functional kitchen. It decreases my stress, makes things easier to find and helps shorten clean-up times. A lot of the time we tend to get so distracted from the actual meal we are preparing because we are too busy cleaning up after ourselves and that can be a disaster waiting to happen.

I’d love to share some helpful tips on how to make hosting a dinner party easier for you and enjoyable!

  • Always read your recipe fully before starting to cook, this will decrease the “what now” and rushing to read it while the garlic is burning in the pan.
  • Prep your veggies and meats before heating anything to avoid burning oil or pans.
  • Listen to something that relaxes you.
  • Always have appetizers ready before the party arrives so people are content and you feel less rushed/stressed to finish your meal if you haven’t already.
  • Keep the kids distracted if there are kids around.
  • Clean as you go, That means wipe down constantly, and load the dishwasher as you finish meal prepping and cooking. This will keep your space clean, so moving on to enjoying your meal is that much faster.

It’s also very helpful if you are cooking with high-quality pots and pans that double as a serving platter. With the Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Cookware you’re getting the highest quality tools, expertly crafted and designed to bring the best out of every meal! I love having the best cookware in my kitchen. It’s the best thing ever that this set won’t clutter your cupboard space!

This September Calphalon released the NEW Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Cookware. This set is unlike any other, stacking neatly and securely saving 30%* more space in the kitchen. Thanks to the unique handle design the pots, pans and lids stack and nest in any order** Other great benefits to this set is:

  • A 3 layer of a nonstick cooking surface that is durable enough to withstand metal whisks, spoons, and spatulas.
  • The cookware allows cooking without hot spots, allowing for even heating while cooking
  • Stainless steel handles stay cool while cooking
  • Dishwasher safe construction so clean up is easy
  • *Average space saved vs. like non-stacking Caphalon cookware items
  • **Cookware must have the same diameter

Priced at $449.99 this Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Cookware includes:

  1. 8″ Fry Pan
  2. 10″ Fry Pan
  3. 2.5 Qt Sauce Pan with cover
  4. 3.5 Qt Sauce Pan with cover
  5. 3 Qt Saute Pan with cover
  6. 6 Qt Stockpot with cover

Did you know that Calphalon also partnered with Michael Chernow, co-­‐owner of The Meatball Shop and Seamore’s in NYC?

Here are two of my favorite tips he provided Calphalon on how to save space in the kitchen!

  1. Take the time to organize -­‐ Take one hour to pull out all of your cookware and assess what you actually use and what may be awkwardly taking up space in your cabinets.The new Calphalon Premier Space Saving Cookware Sets provide you with all the cookware essentials you’ll need. All the pots and pans stacked in any order*, saving valuable cabinet space.
  2. Use Your Cabinet Doors – After you’ve saved 30%* more space with Calphalon Premier Space Saving Cookware, you’ll have more space in your cabinets. Attach hooks to the cabinets to hold cooking utensils to free up drawer or counter space.

The Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set is available for purchase at many fine retailers including, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Crate and Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma. You can also learn more on Calphalon by visiting or by following @Calphalon on Instagram and Facebook!


I’m excited to share that I will be giving away one Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set, so you can have one of your own! So be sure to check back next week for your chance to win!

*Average space saved vs. like non-stacking Calphalon® cookware items

**Cookware must have same diameter


Keeping Up With My Hydrated Skin

I’m sharing #Curél in my life as part of a Curél sponsored series for Socialstars™

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about How To Hydrate My Seasonal Dry Skin, I talked about my new favorite way of keeping my skin hydrated with Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin, what used to be dry ashy itchy and even at times cracked skin, is smooth and radiant!  I can now confidently show off and touch my skin without feeling embarrassed. I’m one of those who shower daily, which never helped my dry skin issues and now that I’ve discovered Curél®Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer my skin feels 3x more hydrated instantly!

Psst… It also works wonders on those rough feet and dry cuticles!

Curél®Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer is activated by water and on freshly-showered skin. It penetrates deeply into the skin’s surface to heal dryness for soft healthy skin, you can only imagine. By keeping a bottle in the shower or near my bath I have avoided forgetting this crucial step in my bathing routine and it makes it easy to keep up with my skin’s hydration.

This new way of hydrating my skin has been one that I’ve seen lasting results and has been better than the traditional lotion. Applying lotion to wet skin is more beneficial because, water activated lotion work’s deep into your skin’s surface, immediately absorbs and helps repair your skin’s moisture barrier.

This is a super simple two-step application process:

  1. Apply Curél®Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer to just showered, wet skin
  2. Towel dry as usual and done! Use daily for best results

This is an inexpensive and simple two-step way of having long lasting hydrated skin so there isn’t much to lose!

Keeping up with my hydrated skin has never been so easy. No more hiding behind long sleeves or the temporary fix with other lotions that only give me that temporary relief I don’t need. I have a new sense of confidence, I can show off my skin and take on anything. I’ve taken it further from just having my skin appear hydrated or radiant to getting down to the source of my skins dryness issues and having skin that is hydrated and radiant all the time. Using Curél®Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer has been a game changer for me!


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