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Elevating Myself In 2018

Happy New Year!


Even though I slept right into the New Year, I woke up more ready than ever to take on 2018. I am making this year all about my business, blog, and friendships.  Alongside with keeping up my fitness and health goals from last years resolution I have added two more this year that I feel have deserved some attention.

Resolution 1:

Elevate My Blog

My Blog, Neon Be is my business and an extension of myself. I want to focus more on this baby more than my first year in. I’ve only been blogging a year and a half and I’ve met some incredible people especially woman within this community. I want my work to reflect more of my passions outside of motherhood because there is a lot to me as a woman and a wife.

The first week into 2018 and I have already kicked off the year by creating a home workspace that I can be inspired in and work with all my heart in without many distractions.-Stay tuned for that new office tour post!

I’ve also decided to share more moments and my life on a more personal level with all of you regarding motherhood and straight up life as a woman. Along with sharing, I want to inspire other women to follow their passions and don’t stop reaching those goals!

This year I will invest more time and money into creating content and marketing to help grow my blog and social media! Yes, it’s true, You have to spend money to make money! Maybe not all the time but if I want to create and grow, I want to give it my all and not set any limits on what I can do!

Resolution 2:

More than ever I have felt the need to be more intentional with my relationship with others and put an effort to maintain my friendships and create memories with those I love. There are so many times I regret not having captured a photo of a moment with someone just because I was either insecure with how the shot looked or the lack of that ideal lighting. Note to self: Take the picture!

There is one relationship I want to focus on first, My relationship with my husband. I want him to know how I feel about him, How I adore certain things about him, how often I yearn for a hug. This year we will plan a trip for ourselves and I will do my best not to feel guilty about it because my husband deserves it, I deserve it.

I wanted to write this all down, not only to keep my self-accountable to my goals this year but to inspire some of you to go for yours. Anything is possible with hard work and dedication!

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