Planning a road trip to California with my family is easy, the packing which is 99% of the time left up to me, is the hard part!

I usually overwhelm myself with the infamous “what if we will need this?” or “maybe I will wear that” I can come up with so many excuses why I should pack something that’s not necessary for the trip. I’d like to think after so many trial and errors I’ve gotten better at packing and organizing our luggage’s.







I struggle to minimize the clothes I bring on trips so I have found some tricks on how to pack more by taking up less space:

  • Roll your tops and bottoms instead of folding them
  • Fold Thicker items such as jackets, or any starched item’s
  • Layer your packed clothing (think cake layers) Rolled pants on bottom and rolled tops at the top.
  • Try not to pack more than 2 pairs of shoes (I know ridiculous right?!) A pair of sneakers and some sandals or flats unless you have a formal occasion on the trip pack some heels too!
  • Slip shoes into a bag to avoid any contact with clothing or any other item.
  • For the Kids pack a pair sneaker and/or a pair of sandals
  • Depending on the length of your trip, packing 1 pair of Pajamas for 2 nights is ideal for you and the kids. Always bring an extra pair just in case of any emergencies.
  • It’s a plus to pack yoga pants, leggings, or sweats that can double as pajamas too!
  • 1 outfit a day is sufficient, every child is different and some require multiple outfits a day so be sure to pack according to those needs
  • Bring along a bag/s you can pack dirty laundry in
  • Shove accessories in your shoes like charging cables, jewelry, sunglasses etc.

I find it really helps having a good durable Luggage case with the right packing space. With this Gabbiano Authentic Collection 29″ we avoided packing multiple bags! Each side features a zipped enclosure and a zipped pocket for additional storage. Its super light weight and the wheels have a 360* spin and has a very beautiful and timeless look which we love!

Packing toiletries for so many different needs can be tricky, I’ve found that it helps to pack items that we can all use ie. Toothpaste, Razors, Lotion etc. Best way to secure your toiletries:

  • Pack them in Zip Lock bags or plastic lined toiletry bags
  • Secure similar items together
  • Pack separately from clothing
  • Opt for travel size products or put your favorite product in a smaller travel container

Packing for kids is a whole different story! In our case we are packing for a 5-hour drive to California so here is what we are bringing along with our clothes and toiletries:

  • Activity/Coloring books for Jude
  • Headphones and an Ipad
  • Towel just in case you never know!
  • Blankets one for each kid
  • Kid pillow
  • A small “soft” cooler with drinks and snacks
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Diaper Bag with Eli’s necessities
  • Extra tote with Diapers for the 4-day trip
  • A toy or two
  • Paper towels
  • Flip flops for easy and quick pit stops
  • Small bag for trash
  • Travel crib for Eli- This Gauva Family Travel Crib is super light weight and not bulky perfect for travel!

I hope you have found these little tips as useful as I have! Adventure Awaits!


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