Laundry For The Modern Mom

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With our kids and ourselves ever evolving, our needs begin to change. This applies to pretty much everything in life – from technology to family dynamics and daily household tasks. For example, I have found myself always doing that “laundry shuffle” when I think I am caught up, I get slapped back into reality and realize laundry is always there!

Now that my kids are getting older and more active in sports or activities I do find myself overwhelmed with needing to wash the uniforms before the next practice or whatever the case may be. It doesn’t stop with the kids, My husband is always needing certain work items washed before work the very next day. I do what any other wife would do, I try and keep calm and toss those bad boys in the washer sometimes alone on the rare occasion everything else is washed.

I can only day dream of that day I have my “dream” laundry room that meets all our needs as a modern family. That doesn’t just have certain days for laundry, It’s all the time! Spur of the moment things happen around here often, and usually, we need things washed ASAP to avoid stains or meltdowns. That’s where Samsungs newest FlexWash + FlexDry would come in handy for this modern Mom! The freedom to wash those items in moments where you can’t just toss them with the other loads. You now have the freedom to separate the icky dirty or bulky laundry from those delicate important pieces. I am often handling more than one thing at a time, working from home, being a stay at home mom, cleaning etc. I love the fact you can monitor your loads right from your smartphone! You have no idea how many times I forget about a load and it sits overnight, leaving me with no other option but to rewash. Getting an alert when my washer load is done is like another pair of helping hands!

There have been many moments where Eli will spit up or make a mess of his favorite blanket, and throwing it in the wash and in the dryer before his next nap has to happen to avoid a catastrophic meltdown at naptime. What’s great about the FlexWash + FlexDry duo is that there are two washers in one and two dryers in one! To be able to wash those important items that require different treatment (hot and cold, darks and lights, small loads, big loads), the FlexWash has a huge 5.0 cu ft capacity lower washer and a 1.0 cu ft capacity washer on top. Similarly, drying clothes is a breeze with the FlexDry, with an innovative drying zone up top which is made to handle those delicate items such as athletic wear, or my husband’s favorite tee shirts that can be laid flat to dry. It’s also great for those items that just need a quick steam or to be freshened up! You can check out how amazing this pair is here and here!

I’m sure my husband would personally thank Samsung for such a clever and innovative creation, After all, I hardly have the time to sort our laundry loads for our traditional washer and dryer. His tee shirts have been a victim of the harsh washing and drying, the days of jeopardizing our favorite pieces of clothing would be in the past!

10 ways I would use Samsung’s FlexWash + FlexDry Duo

  1. To wash my favorite sports gear
  2. Washing my babies delicate wool items and blankies
  3. My Husbands favorite tees
  4. My delicate blouses
  5. My son’s soccer jerseys
  6. Eli’s favorite stuffed bear
  7. My husbands last minute work uniforms
  8. Anything Eli “Blows out in”
  9. My table linens
  10. My bras and fancy lace pieces

You can see them in action below and how others are using Samsung’s revolutionary FlexWash + FlexDry Duo

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