Our Home Buying Journey

When we renewed our lease last April we told ourselves that this will be the last lease we will sign, we were ready to take the leap and try and become home buyers. We are still afraid honestly and unsure how it will be once we are finally pre-approved.

I wanted to share our journey because I wanted to share how real the stress and excitement is and how real this process is. To be clear we are in the early stages which are cleaning up our credit and waiting now that our old debts and current cards are all PAID OFF!

Our area is booming and there are multiple homes being built around our current neighborhood. I decided to look at model homes and once I found “the one” I dragged my husband to check it out. It took him a couple looks before he felt that same desire for the home and floor plan.

Planned Updates and Finishes

We are pretty set on the desired look and feel we want for our home but that doesn’t mean we will be splurging on top of the line finishes and updates right now. We have set upgrades that involve the structure of the home which adds more space and storage. The images of this kitchen are dreamy for sure and I am confident our home will have just the right amount of upgrades to start us off with. Believe it or not, we are super excited to move in and start doing things are self and other upgrades slowly throughout the house to make it ours! With all this said I will be sure to do a post on what will be in our house and our finished mood board!

Self Employed

I’ll start by saying this process is very emotional. I have my ups and downs, my doubts, my fears and dealing with my own self-doubt. I think these are completely normal emotions during this process. No doubt being that I am self-employed things are a lot scarier because we are 100% taking that chance on me maintaining my income. This is why being your own boss comes with its ups and downs, you always have to keep moving forward and don’t sit still for long because sitting still won’t pay the bills.

I have been so blessed with all of you, my readers and followers to keep growing my Neon blog! I love what I do and I don’t see an end in sight. I have had a really great year and my husband has experienced his own growth at work which has brought us to this point of being ready to take this leap from renters to first-time homeowners!

Managing your doubts and fears

For some of us, any big changes or risks comes that anxiety which makes us fear and doubt. My tip is don’t listen. If you work closely with a lender or realtor and know exactly what your signing up for there isn’t anything to fear. I think the worst thing you can do is let all the worry and stress push out any the excitement you should also be feeling during these times.  No matter how you cut it slice it or dice it, buying a home is a blessing!

We have finally gone under contract today 10/26/18! This is the first step and post on this glorious journey of ours. I will be sure to answer any questions you guys have and keep you all updated!


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