Simplify your cleaning-with bObi Classic

I was gifted bObi Classic to review and share my experience. All opinions are mine alone. 

This Holiday season is in full swing, Thanksgiving was a success! I was very happy to have been able to spend time with my family away from work and the hustle and bustle of life. Jude had most of the week off, Israel had three days off that week which made it that much better for all of us.
I tend to be the baker in our family out of 3 sisters and my mom, I bake for our gatherings. I absolutely love it, I baked a couple Pumpkin cheese cakes and some Red velvet, cream cheese, peppermint brownies. It was a whole day thing for me which left me feeling super guilty at how much time I spent doing that vs. spending time with my husband and kids.

I was beyond excited when I received my bObi Classic in the mail, I honestly didn’t realize how often and how much time cleaning my floors took out of my day. With Orbison, our mini bull terrier, and two kids and a husband, keeping our floors clean is a constant battle.

bObi Classic is a vacuum robot with 5-1 multi-tasking capabilities:

  1. A vacuum that picks up dirt and dust
  2. Larger brushes that bring in bigger bits to be vacuumed
  3. Attachable mopping pad
  4. UV light that kills floor bacteria
  5. Hepa air filter

I love the ease of knowing that with a simple press of “GO” on bObi’s remote, my worries and stress of finding the time to clean my floors fades away. I find myself complaining less and less about the messes and just enjoy our meals and snack time that much more knowing bObi Classic has my back.

My absolute favorite part aside from clean floors is that I have noticed my allergies ease up because of pet dander and dust bObi Classic cleans up. Before bObi Classic I dreaded bringing out our traditional bulky vacuum, Orbison would bark up a storm trying to get our old vacuum and with bObi classic he’s absolutely fine, He sits and watches her roam around the house. I would be lying if I said we didn’t all stop and watch her do her thing, it’s pretty amazing!

I would recommend bObi Classic to anyone looking for more time in their day or just looking for an awesome cleaning robot! 
Learn More on bObi Classic or buy your own here!

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