Why it took me 2.5 years to change my last name after I married my husband


I am a bit embarrassed to admit it took me this long to officially change my last name to Garcia. It was facebook official the day we got married, I had been waiting awhile to marry this man and making it facebook official felt good! We got married June 2oth 2014 in San Marcos, California. We had a lot planned for our future so we opted for a small ceremony at the courthouse. We didn’t have a traditional wedding because we had a big move to Arizona planned in November and that took priority financially. Looking back on it now we both can’t wait to have a big ceremony with our families and friends for our vowel renewal later down the road.

Being so caught up with having to leave our jobs, our families, and getting settled into this new state, for awhile it hadn’t crossed my mind to change my last name. I always would tell myself “Get it changed” I can’t blame it on anything other than procrastination!

Now that we have our new additions baby Eli, our dog Orbison, we were settled in AZ and I couldn’t imagine my life without my husband ever so why not now? The week of Valentines 2017′  came along and I thought this would be the perfect Valentines day surprise. So without any hesitation, I stopped procrastinating and dragged myself and Eli downtown and waited in the awful lines that come with government facilities. I waited with eagerness I wanted this bad now that it was happening. Once I left the building I couldn’t help but ask myself ” Why didn’t I do that sooner?!” We had a dinner planned the night before Valentines, yes we are those people, It was still a couple days away and I was getting impatient. When It finally was time to hand him his card with my surprise he told me that it was the best surprise and that he loved me, and I could feel it from him that It was the last piece to our marriage that bonded us closer.

For those wives that procrastinate like I did my advice to you is don’t wait! Take the time out of your day and make your way over to the social security office and do it, I promise you, it is so worth it!

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