How building a home tested me more than ANYTHING

Things are starting to come together at the new house. I can finally see the light at the end of this long and at times stressful road. If your reading this I’m probably living my first days in this house. Which means I’ll be working on my home reveal post here shortly! But before all of that, I wanted to take a moment to look back on this journey.

Going into this I never knew what exactly I would learn from it or take away from the mixed feelings I had through out the entire process. I learned patience on a whole other level. God’s timing is everything and I knew all I could do is take it with grace and keep working towards my goals.

I learned to see past the delays and complex funding process. Ultimately this tested my faith, marriage and me on all kinds of different levels. Just to be clear, I jumped in knowing this was our house, the house I would create memories with my family in, have so much fun decorating, etc. It isn’t an easy thing when your spouse doesn’t share your vision or faith in something. I won’t get into to much detail (such a long emotional thing) but what got me through his lack of faith in me and this house built me and the faith I had in myself. I never got to a point where I doubted this would be a reality, I never doubted Gods timing. It was just really hurtful seeing others not share that same faith.

It’s safe to say I am very much an optimist, so I never put it in my mind too much that the worst-case scenario would ever actually happen. Don’t mistake that for me being naive, I was aware and quit frankly willing to accept the fact if this house were to fall through I would just pick up the pieces and find the right path/house. I wouldn’t have considered it a failure but just a setback. I think that’s really what got me through this, EXPECT ANYTHING TO HAPPEN and be ok. I grew up learning success doesn’t come with out failure and if you let that failure become your reality, that’s when you hurt yourself the most.

At the end of the day, I am who I am. Struggles, no matter what the context, should make us stronger and never break us. I am thankful for everything I have endured during this process because the big picture is, We own this home, our boys have a roof over their heads and we love this place!

Thanks for reading this blurb about the emotional process, I don’t want you all to think its peaches and cream because let’s be real. Stay tuned for my home reveal posts!

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