I Am A Stay At Home Mom Boss


I often get asked how I manage to stay home with my kids, and what my secret is. My answer to this question is this, I don’t just stay home with my kids, I work from home. When I say work I mean using my laptop and phone between naps or playtime for the better part of the morning, and again at night when they are asleep. I really don’t have an “off” time. I’m usually creating content and writing down ideas for my social media accounts and this new blog of mine. I don’t have your typical home business either, I am a social media marketer and new found blogger. I have always had a passion for sharing my ideas,marketing and creating content is a fun way to creatively express myself!

As I am writing this there is a sink full of dishes, at least three baskets of dirty laundry and I’m pretty sure a load is still sitting in the wash from last night. This is a peak into my reality, I juggle my kids, my home, and my business and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not many of you know this but I used to be Nanny before having Jude, Being a nanny was awesome. I had the freedom to love and care for children and who doesn’t love that?! I continued Nanning for a while I was actually a nanny up until last year after having Eli. I always had a home business even when I was a Nanny I ran a successful online boutique but I often wondered what it would be like to just be a stay at home mom in the true sense of not having a “job” responsibility or deadlines to meet.

Unlike some mother’s I couldn’t just be a wife and mother, I’ve tried it and It sucks! I definitely am not cut out to be that. I have to have deadlines, projects, and an outlet for my creativity. On the other hand, I love that I am free to create my own schedule and be free to meet my children’s needs as well as my husbands. I give big props to those women who work hard in the workplace and for those hard working, stay at home moms. They are both equally hard in different ways and I have experienced both sides of that. I have found I am much happier. But I do feel that mommy guilt when I have my busy weeks or days, I just make it a point to be present when things aren’t as busy. I think my family has gotten the hang of my work habits and they know when to tell me to chill out or disconnect because it is incredibly important to have a balance or work and home.

Being a Stay at home boss mom really is what I am meant to be and I encourage those mom’s who are itching to do more or just wanting to a change but can’t afford to quit to consider doing something they can turn into a business and juggle the madness of motherhood and work all at once!



  1. Dominique Garcia says

    So very true Cassie! I love being a boss mom boss. I worked ever since I was 16, so juat being home with the kids made me crazy. Now that i have my blog and social media to work on I have more of a purpose and some occasional money coming in. I love following you on social media and reading your blog. I wish you all the success beautiful momma!

  2. Brit Strawbridge says

    I am totally with you! I love being a wife & a mother, but I need the outlet of projects and using my creativity to be better at the former two. Thanks for sharing your story! You are definitely not alone!!

  3. Heather Denniston says

    Isn’t it funny how this discussion around mum’s who work and mum’s who don’t, never gets a bow on it! With each generation, you have to justify it all over again (not you, generations in general). Just interesting!

  4. candy says

    Women are so hard on women and that is our problem. What is wrong with wanting to stay home with your children. I was able to stay home with our children we had kids to raise them ourselves not have someone else raise them.

  5. Leah Elwood says

    I totally understand! I swear, before I started working from home, I bounced between mind-numbing boredom and complete overwhelm several times a day. Now, I mean… I still feel overwhelmed, but I feel more like “me” again. Which makes me more able to be the patient mom I’d like to be 🙂

  6. Mehgan says

    I love this! I feel like the sink is always full, even after I just emptied it. Wash is never ending! And I am not a SAHM yet but am working my way to becoming one.

  7. Barb says

    I can totally relate. Being a little both to me is balance and I know I need balance in my life to be happy.

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