This is 30, Thirty Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Now That I am 30 it’s easy to look back on things and come many realizations on how all these years have led me up to now. There are so many things I wish I had known in my younger years that I am just now grasping myself.

I wanted to compile a sort of a list of things I wish my younger self would have known.

  1. Don’t slow down, be as active as I was when I was younger.
  2. Body Lotion is your BFF
  3. You’ll be wishing you hadn’t taken your credit health lightly
  4. Take care of your feet
  5. It’s never too early to worry about anti aging
  6. SPF all day every day
  7. You’ll love yourself more now than ever before
  8. Enjoy sleeping in when the opportunity arises
  9. Maybe think twice about eating muffins for breakfast
  10. Never think twice about traveling, if the opportunity is there take it!
  11. Coffee Press is the way to go
  12. You’re a mom, but motherhood doesn’t define you
  13. Skin care is as important as breathing
  14. Start saving early
  15. Never stop dreaming
  16. Always look back on the excitement and how fun it was meeting your spouse
  17. Don’t worry you will know exactly who you are by now
  18. You will love home decor more than handbags (if you know me this is huge I used to be a total handbag junkie!)
  19. Don’t compare yourself to yourself 10 years ago
  20. Believe them when they say losing weight is harder with age
  21. Don’t lose sight of your passion
  22. Embrace style changes
  23. Learn to love things about yourself that you didn’t before
  24. Don’t be afraid of color
  25. Splurge on that nice piece of furniture
  26. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to put yourself first sometimes
  27. Learn to cook family dishes
  28. Don’t be afraid to be in photos!
  29. Your never too old to buy good make up
  30. For goodness sake, stop doubting yourself you’ve made it this far!


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