Unexpected Ways Of Keeping My Home Smelling Fresh

Keeping my house clean is often a daily chore for me with a house full of boys. I love walking into my home and feeling that sense of coziness and relaxation. I only get this sense when I walk into a clean house that smells fresh!

I am constantly keeping up with my kitchen and our bathrooms to keep my home as clean as possible. I am a firm believer that if you keep these high traffic areas tidy it will save you so much more time from dealing with bigger messes later on.

Clean often, to avoid bigger messes!

I grew up with my Mom cleaning with Clorox®  so I tend to use these products in my home to help me keep my house feeling clean. When I clean my home with Clorox® Scentiva™, my home can be clean smell amazing all at the same time!

Clorox® Scentiva™ Multi-Surface Cleaner kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, cold and flu viruses, Staph, E. coli and Salmonella on hard, non-porous surfaces. I prefer the Clorox® Scentiva™ Pacific Breeze & Coconut™, it elevates our home with amazing scents that will transform any space into a tropical oasis. A blend of coconut, pineapple, peach, and apple surrounds my kitchen as I clean and leaves me feeling happy! It has a finishing blend of Tonka, sandalwood, and vanilla paired with the with fresh tropical fruit to provide long lasting freshness and a serene space.

My favorite most used cleaner by far is Clorox® Scentiva™ Disinfecting Wipes. With all the germs my little ones track in, I like to stay on top of disinfecting my non-porous surfaces. Clorox® Scentiva™ Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria including cold and flu viruses, Staph, E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Strep, and Kleb.

With the same power and trust of Clorox®, you can use a product with an amazing scent to clean and disinfect your home!

You don’t have to choose between a product that is effective and products that smell great. I love how the Pacific Breeze & Coconut™ scent last, keeping my home feeling like an oasis long after I’ve cleaned. Clorox® Scentiva™ is an affordable way to elevate our spaces in our everyday lives or during those busy seasons where you have company.

Clorox® Scentiva™ is an affordable way to elevate your home

No need to continuously buy fresh florals or candles, Clorox® Scentiva™ steps up and gives my living spaces that extra TLC with amazing scents.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Clorox® and how effectively clean it left my bathrooms. I was really excited to start using Clorox® Scentiva™ Toilet Cleaning Gel and Clorox® Scentiva™ Bathroom Foam Cleaner. It’s really convenient how the room just fills up with this amazing scent effortlessly as I do a quick clean.

A quick clean, with long lasting tropical scent!

I must say using these products has made my cleaning habits more frequent. I just love the feeling of how welcoming and clean my home feels each time.

I always get compliments when I have guests over after wiping down the bathroom. They always ask what scent that is and where it’s coming from. It’s amazing how well Clorox® Scentiva™ works, I can transform a clean bathroom into a Pacific paradise in just minutes! #BreatheInYoureHome

Thanks to Clorox for sponsoring this post! Please know all opinions are my own and I only share with you what I truly believe in and love!

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