DIY Landscaping

Planting Lady Banks Roses

Gypsum and Garden Soil

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Gypsum is great if you are planting in a area that isn't already treated for plant growth. Here in AZ the soil is hard dirt and to help avoid any toxicity making its way into your plant, lining the hole with gypsum will work wonders!. 



I like to finish my plants off with a nice healthy layer of mulch. Not only does this look great it help soil structure and in this AZ heat it helps retain moisture by slowing down the evaporation process. 

You want to start with digging a hole deep and wide enough for your plant 

If you haven't installed a water source for your plants I would recommend a timed, irrigation system. its easy to add plugs for each individual plant!

Adding gypsum is easy, I do this for each plant.

Opening up your plants roots before setting is a MUST

Fill in the space between your plant and hole with garden soil and top with mulch

These will bloom beautifully right here.. 

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